We are living in 3 dimensional world named Earth.

A person after death, enters four dimensional Space where 4th dimension is TIME.

So the Soul after death can see our 3 Dimensional world where world is changing with time but unable to do anything.

This Universe is floating on Karana Samudra or Karana Ocean. There are Billions of Universe floating on this cosmic ocean knows as Karana Ocean.

All these floating universes are maintained by Maha Vishnu who resides in 6th Dimensional plane observing the complete multiverse.

7th Dimensional plane is for all the Yogis who attain Brahma Jyoti which we call getting Brahma Gyan. In other words, The soul after getting Moksha reaches this 7th Dimensional Space.

So this Spiritual space is the first step to connect to God and reaching Him and his abode.

8th Dimension of Universe is where Lord Shiva and Parvati reside, which we call Kailash. Lord Ganesha exists in the same dimension.

9th Dimension is Vaikunth Loka, where Narayan’s three expansion such as Karanadokoshayi Vishnu, Garbhodokoshayi Vishnu and Kshirodokoshayi Vishnu exists.

10th Dimension has 5 sub levels……..

♦ In 1st sub level four forms of Lord Krishna resides. They are – Pradyumna, Vasudev, Aniruddha, Shankarshan.

♦ 2nd sub level is called Ayodhya Dham, where all the devotees and warriors of Lord Rama who helped Him to win against Ravana reside.

♦ 3rd and 4th sub levels are named as Dwarka Dhaam and Mathura Dhaam where all the true devotees of Lord Krishna gets the opportunity to serve in these space.

I hope now all of you can understand reaching these levels are far more important than attaining Moksha. Only few dedicated souls towards Krishna Bhakti can reach these Sub levels.

♦ Last and 5th sublevel is the highest level of 10th Dimension which is Golaka Dham, where the God of all Gods’ Sri Krishna resides.
This is the place where Lord Krishna actually lives. He is the supreme personality of Godhead.

Happy Janmashtami to all, keep yourself focused and engaged in Krishna Bhakti.

AuthorAstro Sharmistha

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