Gems Bond (Sapphire) Rings | Early Bird OFFER till 10th Sept

What You get :
▶ 40 Delicate Ring Designs with Diamond and Sapphire.
▶ Render images x 4 views x 2 metal color (Rose and Yellow)
▶ Excel sheet with diamond details & 18kt gold weight
▶ ‘Fast order’ PDF presentation for whatsapp marketing
▶ Detail images containing Diamond mm sizes & Dimension

32,000.00 19,200.00


How to see the catalog of 40 designs in this Gems Bond (Sapphire) collection?
You can take our Subscription of 1 Year Design Access to view this catalog along with other catalogs. Visit the link below for upgrading with the subscription.

You can take subscription by clicking here

Pricing :
40 Styles x Rs 100 x 4 Render views x 2 Metal color = Rs 32,000/-
40 styles x Rs 100 x 1 Model view = Rs 4,000/-  [Complimentary]

Total : Rs 36,000/-

Gems Bond (Sapphire) OFFER Price : 19,200 + GST

Validity : Till 10th Sept’21

How to reach for Support?
For Support, reach out to us on
Email :
Whatsapp : +91 81043 27554


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You will get samples of Catalog PDF, 3D model (CAD), Renders in 3 metal colors, Model view, Detail image & Premium videos.