US Expansion Batch – 15 | Solitaire Pendants | Launch Price Benefit

What You get :
▶ 54Classic Solitaire Pendant designs (including classic and halo with 10 different center diamond shapes)
▶ International Standard Premium quality Turn table videos of 20 Second x 3 Metal (Rose, Yellow & White) Colors.
▶ Excel sheet with diamond details, 18kt gold weight
▶ ‘Fast order’ PDF presentation for whatsapp marketing
▶ Detail images containing Diamond mm sizes.
▶ Model Views as complimentary




Why should you take US Expansion collection?

The whole western audience is moving towards video economy.
Almost everyone prefers videos over images. They check the credibility of seller via their presentation and not any other medium.
Customer’s attention span is becoming lesser and lesser and if there’s one medium they prefer over everything: It’s “video”
Your competitors in US are using High quality of videos. To compete with them and get your brand some visibility, you need Jewelry visualization videos.
So, How can you be an early adopter of this video economy?

We have curated a perfect US expansion collection using which many jewellers are able to tap the USA Market and NRI Market

How to see the catalog of 114 designs in this Batch-15?
You can take our Subscription of 1 Year Design Access to view the catalog along with other catalogs. Visit the link below for upgrading with the subscription.

Pricing :
54 Premium Videos x Rs 2,500 x 3 Metal colors = Rs 4,05,000/-

US Expansion Batch-15 OFFER Price : 1,38,777/- + GST

How to reach for Support?
For Support, reach out to us on
Email :
Whatsapp : +91 81043 27554